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Blue Makaira, Madeira will start fishing the 2024 season in May. In the past few years May has brought good returns of Blue Marlin and Tuna so fingers are crossed for 2024.

In 2019 Blue Makaira released 42 (for 81) Blue Marlin, 34 over 500lbs and 7 over 800lbs, with a season average of 619lbs. I would like to see this record broken in 2024 and to do that we need to get clients into the fighting chair!

Capt. Nuno Gonçalves records the greatest number of Blue Marlin caught for all the Madeiran fleet 2017 to 2021 & 23, follow our progress on our facebook page for 2024

We are also very keen to encourage young fishermen to experience the thrill of big game fishing. So for age group 11 to 16’s we are offering 4 bookings of 1 day at 50% of our normal charter price.

Tight lines all for 2024.

Contact us for more details at or call +44 7860 297415


The fishing

Since the 80’s the island of Madeira off Portugal has been considered one of the best places in the Worlds oceans to catch a grander Blue Marlin.

Fishing aboard ‘Blue Makaira’ in Madeira is the ultimate Big Game fishing experience with the opportunity to catch Grander Blue Marlin, the prize of all game fish.

Madeira, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, is a natural Big Game fish attractor, with warm currents surrounding, attracting the bait fish who are food for their larger cousins. The oceanography of the island also lends itself to the attraction of the Big Game fish, the surrounding waters dive to great depths close to shore, with depths of over one thousand meters possible within a few miles of the coast, all this and well defined deep contour lines create an ideal environment for the Big Game fish to hunt in.

Madeira is the place to be if you want to encounter very large Blue Marlin. The records speak for themselves, Madeira winning the ‘Blue Marlin World Cup’ four times since its inception. On the 4th July 2016 Captain Nuno captained Blue Makaira to win the ‘Blue Marlin World Cup’ with a Blue Marlin of 983lbs Incredibly, this fish was the fourth-largest ever caught in World Cup history, surpassed only by the three thousand-pound-plus “granders” caught in 2010, 2004 and 1993. In another notable twist, Blue Makaira’s Capt. Nuno was the also on the winning boat for the 2015 World Cup. 

The Blue Marlin that are to be caught off our shores are always sizeable with 1 in 10 being a Grander, a fish of a lifetime. Even the ‘average’ fish, weighing a mere 650lbs plus, will put a great smile on your face, and there is always a that chance of catching a World record sized fish.

In addition to the Blue Marlin we have a variety of other species of bill fish that will provide great sport, when the White Marlin are on the feed then the ‘knock downs’ are almost uncountable. Big Eye Tuna are regularly caught and will put a very spirited battle, particularly on 50lb stand up gear. Wahoo on light tackle are a ball, with lightning runs, and the Dorado provide spectacular aerobatics. To see more of the species that you could encounter then see our page ‘The Fish’

‘Blue Makaira’ is moored in Calheta to allow us to be productively fishing the moment we leave the Marina, with the best fishing grounds that Madeira has to offer, surrounding us to the west and the east.

‘Blue Makaira’ is Captained and crewed by experienced fisherman who’s prime aim is to get you connected to fish. Fishing with us is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are an experienced Big Game fisherman, out to attempt that “world record”, a novice, or ‘just’ fishing for the thrill of it, then ‘Blue Makaira’ is perfect for you.

‘Blue Makaira’ can accommodate most requests, be it a half days, a day or several days fishing, once ‘booked’ all that is left for you to do is turn up and enjoy yourself, we will provide your lunch, snacks for the day, and a plentiful supply of cold drinks from the fridge.

Tight lines!

On ‘Blue Makaira’ we operate a release, no kill policy, on all billfish.

However, in the event of a potential world record being caught we will comply with the anglers request to kill the fish for record submission purposes.

In addition, the Captain, at his discretion, may suggest that a fish is killed if he deems that the fish will not survive.

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